Microprint Experiments

2020/Generative Art/Printing Experiments

Lately I've become enamored by the idea of microprinting. Human perception, although amazing, is pretty limited when placed in contest with some of the more specially evolved organisms on the planet. Microscopic levels of scale are a quick method to reveal to oneself just how limited our eyesight can be, albeit in only the category of scale.

Funnily enough, the main inspiration here was not in micro-organisms, but in the security features of money. I find them to be quite beautiful, with geometric patterns and hidden images abound. Take the American dollar for example, with hidden text nestled in between the tiny printed lines.

What follows are some digital microscope photos that stem from a master 10k-ish resolution computer generated image.

/master image/ (scaled down)

/micro 1/

/micro 2/

/micro 3/

/micro 4/